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My jungle…
My jungle’s small, but my jungle’s full 
Of noises, of laughter of giggles of joy of childhood innocence.
My jungle is technicolored and chaotic. And covered in plastic and fuzzy animals that have shed so much they are glowing with love.
My jungle is endangered.
Everyday I fight the demolition team inside my soul…anger, sadness, depression and anxiety. I will not allow them to demolish my children’s perfect land.
My jungle just like yours will always be endangered but can be saved, because every smile, every laugh, every hand held and kiss given holds your crazy back and pushes your love out. 
Instead love pushes forth soft eyes, enchanted voices, steadfast love and endless snuggles.

You can do this Momma. Save your jungle. 

🙌 #familychaos #theygrow2fast 


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